Acrylic rendering uses a render composition similar to cement render but instead also includes acrylic, a type of plastic, into the mixture. The acrylic makes the render much stronger and more flexible than traditional rendering mixes, which means that it is much less likely to crack after it has been applied.

Acrylic Rendering Sydney

Acrylic Rendering Services In Sydney

The Finishing Touch Rendering team are well known for providing professional and affordable acrylic rendering Sydney solutions to residential and commercial properties. We have been a leader in the acrylic rendering industry of Sydney for over 15 years.

Our high-quality acrylic rendering Sydney services are unique and highly in demand in Sydney because we adopt a strategy where we utilise our solid experience, creativity, and expertise along with the modern upcoming technology to satisfy our client’s expectations.

Finishing Touch Rendering use of acrylic base render & texture coating systems are the most innovative and stylish way to render your property. Acrylic rendering has been tried and tested for decades now and offers many more advantages over standard cement render.

What Is Acrylic Rendering?

Acrylic rendering uses a render composition similar to cement rendering but instead also includes acrylic, a type of plastic, into the mixture. The acrylic makes the render much stronger and more flexible than traditional rendering mixes, which means that it is much less likely to crack after it has been applied.

Acrylic render is easy to apply and it can be rolled, trowelled or sprayed onto a surface. Two coats are generally applied. It can be completed in many finishes and colours, so there is sure to be a combination that will perfectly suit the inside or outside of your property. There are also a wide variety of texture coatings that can be applied over acrylic render.

If you are looking for an exterior finish that is attractive and durable, the innovation that is acrylic rendering is absolutely perfect for you. If you’re not sure exactly what acrylic rendering is or how it is used, here’s what you need to know.

What Are The Advantages Of Acrylic Rendering?

  • Flexibility – The biggest advantage of acrylic rendering for your property is the fact that it is so much less likely to crack over time due to its flexibility. This means that you don’t have to worry about the natural expansion, contraction and movement of your home causing unsightly hairline cracks throughout your render.
  • Large Variety Of Finishes – Acrylic rendering is incredibly attractive and it can be applied in a range of ways, allowing you to create different finishes. You could opt for a finish that is smooth just like concrete, or attractively textured.
  • Pre-Mixed Colours – You don’t need to apply plain and bland render to your walls because we can add color to the rendering mix before we apply it to the surface. As the material is already pre-mixed with your desired colour, you don’t need to paint the walls after application in order to improve its appearance.
  • Durability – The acrylic component adds to the strength and resilience of cement base material and makes the rendering more durable. You can expect acrylic rendering to last longer and look better than traditional materials in the long-term.
  • Water Resistant – This is one of the main reasons for acrylic’s increasing popularity. It offers much more moisture resistance than the combination of cement and sand, which makes this material perfect for regions with high rainfall or homes located near the coast. This means that your wall will not succumb to bacteria and fungi.
  • Fast Drying – Acrylic render is also incredibly fast drying, taking just a couple of days to cure instead of up to a month like traditional cement render. The quick dry down also ensures excessive moisture isn’t trapped within the layers of material, which prevents the development of fungus and mold.
Sydney Acrylic Rendering

What Are The Disadvantages Of Acrylic Rendering?

  • Strength - the main drawback of acrylic rendering is that due to its overall strength, due to its ‘breathability’ it is not as strong which can be an issue for some properties.
  • Price - There are several factors why this is the situation. First of all, acrylic render is available in pre-mixed buckets. These buckets usually have more elements than the cement render equivalent that purely contains cement, sand, and lime.

Where Can Acrylic Render Be Applied?

Acrylic render can be applied to a number of surfaces because it’s a very versatile and flexible material. It can be applied to the following surfaces:

  • Brick
  • Exterior and interior block walls
  • Concrete
  • Hebel blocks or panels
  • Fibre cement sheets
  • Painted surfaces
  • Blue board

What Acrylic Render Products Do We Use?

For acrylic rendering we use Rockcotes range of premixed acrylic renders which are manufactured to meet the demands of building professionals. They come pre-mixed and are 100% acrylic based renders designed to be flexible and lightweight. They are suitable for application over fibre cement (blueboard) and painted substrates where tolerance to movement and good adhesion must be considered.

Find out more about Rockcotes range of premixed acrylic renders.

Rockcote Acrylic Rendering Products

How Much Does Acrylic Rendering Cost In Sydney?

The general cost of acrylic rendering starts at a minimum of $40/m2 and usually stays within the price range of $45/m2. This would mean that a home of at least 300 square meters would cost between $12,000 to $13,500. This is of-course an estimation and the actual cost will be determined on a project by project basis.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the price of an acrylic rendering project including your location, size of your home, and the finishing you choose. Also, different types of projects are priced per linear metre or per day of work so it’s best to ask for a quote from Finishing Touch Rendering to get a proper idea of costs for your unique acrylic rendering Sydney project.

What Acrylic Rendering Finishes & Designs Do We Provide?

The Finishing Touch Rendering experts can produce many different acrylic rendering finishes by using different tools such as trowels, sponges, or brushes. Some of these special finishing effects may need to be created with a texture coating which is applied on top of the acrylic render base.

Various finishes, patterns and textures are possible such as sand, sandstone, marble, stone, stone chip, lime wash or clay like finishes. There are stipple, glistening finishes, and those with enhanced water resistance and anti fungal properties. The variety of effects available with acrylic render requires experienced and licensed renderers like the team at Finishing Touch Rendering who is familiar with the product and style required.

Our highly talented and experienced team members are always working to create a new look to your dream property through our creativity in design, patterns, and finishes as per your requirements. This expertise and dedication has made Finishing Touch Rendering one of Sydney’s premium acrylic rendering contractors who are known for our amazing finishes.

Acrylic Rendering Services In Sydney

Why Choose Finishing Touch Rendering For Your Acrylic Rendering Sydney Solution?

At Finishing Touch Rendering, we understand that acrylic rendering is more than just mixing some render and whacking it up. It is an art form that requires extensive knowledge and skill to achieve the best results. With over 15 years in the industry, you can be sure we have the expertise to get your project finished to the highest of standards.

Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals who have the knowledge to use cutting-edge technology and materials. Newer techniques used by our tradesmen at Finishing Touch Rendering provide even more efficient acrylic rendering Sydney services allowing your walls to look as modern as possible.

We never compromise on the quality of the product, this is the main reason why we are flourishing with each passing day in the world of acrylic rendering services, where other acrylic rendering Sydney companies are struggling because of the low quality they unfortunately provide.

For the best Sydney acrylic rendering job, contact the experts at Finishing Touch Rendering. We can provide you with a competitive quote for acrylic rendering costs, and professional insight into the perfect colour, finish and application for your unique acrylic rendering project. Our quality workmanship will have you wishing you rendered your property sooner.

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For the best acrylic rendering services in Sydney, contact the experts at Finishing Touch Rendering. We can provide you with a competitive quote and professional insight into the perfect colour, finish and application for your unique project.

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