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Rendering Epping

If you are searching for professional and affordable rendering Epping services to complete your dream home or if you would like to upgrade your commercial property by giving it a fresh exterior, then Finishing Touch Rendering is the one stop solution for you. We are a premium Epping rendering company with more than 15 years of solid experience in the field.

At Finishing Touch Rendering we offer several specialist services that focus on improving the quality and value of your property. We deliver the highest quality of cement rendering, acrylic rendering, texture coating and white set rendering services to clients throughout Epping.

We can renew or fix parts of your property with second to none quality, affordability and consistency. Whether you’re a home or business owner, we will give your property a modern and contemporary upgrade with our focus on providing quality, clean and modern rendering Epping services.

We Provide The Following Epping Rendering Services:

In Need Of Home Rendering Epping?

Finishing Touch Rendering provide professional rendering Epping services to enhance the look and feel of your home to a whole new level of sophistication and elegance at really competitive prices. With our professional and experienced team we offer excellent customer service and make the whole process exceptionally smooth, cost-effective and simple for you.

Rendering is one of the top ways to dramatically improve the appearance and value of your home with the return on investment easily outweighing the cost. You’ll be amazed and delighted with the transformation. And once they see the great result of your home, your neighbours may want their home rendered too.

With a stylish, clean look, rendering has been a growing trend for the last few decades. If you’re tired of looking at those old bricks, then it’s time to consider rendering. It also provides long lasting protection from the four elements of weather which are wind, temperature, air pressure and moisture.

Cement Rendering Or Acrylic Rendering?

Cement render is the most commonly used form of render mainly due to its cost effectiveness. The materials used in concrete rendering consists of sand, lime and concrete that are mixed together to form a strong cohesive paste.

The lime in the mix prevents cracking when the mix dries and hardens. Coarse strand sand is used for the undercoat rendering and fine sand is used for the top coating. The choice of colours can be applied while the mix is being formed or painted onto the wall surface after rendering.

Acrylic render comes in pre mixed buckets which is more expensive than cement render but is incredibly fast drying and takes just a few days to cure instead of up to a month like traditional render. Acrylic render is mostly used as a topcoat requiring an additional base coat to be applied first. A modified cement render leveling compound will normally be used as a base coat for brick and blockwork to allow for a more even final acrylic render finish.

Once applied professionally and left to cure the application of a water resistant flexible acrylic membrane coating that will seal the render and increase its longevity and reduce the risk of cracking. The Acrylic membrane coating can be applied by a nap roller, texture roller, brush or spray gun.

If you are searching for quality rendering Epping services and not sure which type of render is most suitable for your purpose, we can provide you with guidelines as an acrylic render vs cement render. Not sure which type of render to use for your project? Here is some helpful information when choosing which render is best for your job.

Cement Rendering Advantages:

  • Cost Effectiveness - cement rendering is exceptionally effective as well as affordable. This technique of transforming walls is the most popular for exterior properties across Australia. From the types of rendering, cement render is the most commonly used form of render mainly due to its cost effectiveness.
  • Strength - cement rendering is the toughest form of rendering used on both interior and exterior walls and it has been in practice for thousands of years in homemaking. Cement rendering is also the most widely employed form of rendering around the world and is hugely popular for its strength, long-lasting protection, and compatibility with a wide range of decorative applications.

Acrylic Rendering Advantages:

  • Flexibility – The biggest advantage of acrylic rendering for your property is the fact that it is so much less likely to crack over time due to its flexibility. This means that you don’t have to worry about the natural expansion, contraction and movement of your home causing unsightly hairline cracks throughout your render.
  • Large Variety Of Finishes – Acrylic rendering is incredibly attractive and it can be applied in a range of ways, allowing you to create different finishes. You could opt for a finish that is smooth just like concrete, or attractively textured.
  • Pre-Mixed Colours – You don’t need to apply plain and bland render to your walls because we can add color to the rendering mix before we apply it to the surface. As the material is already premixed with your desired colour, you don’t need to paint the walls after application in order to improve its appearance.
  • Durability – The acrylic component adds to the strength and resilience of cement base material and makes the rendering more durable. You can expect acrylic rendering to last longer and look better than traditional materials in the long-term.
  • Water Resistant – This is one of the main reasons for acrylic’s increasing popularity. It offers much more moisture resistance than the combination of cement and sand, which makes this material perfect for regions with high rainfall or homes located near the coast. This means that your wall will not succumb to bacteria and fungi.
  • Fast Drying – Acrylic render is also incredibly fast drying, taking just a couple of days to cure instead of up to a month like traditional cement render. The quick dry down also ensures excessive moisture isn’t trapped within the layers of material, which prevents the development of fungus and mold.
Epping Rendering

We Provide Amazing Texture Coating Finishes & Designs

The expert team at Finishing Touch Rendering can produce many different texture coat finishes for your walls. The variety of finishes available with texture coating requires experienced and licensed renderers like the team at Finishing Touch Rendering who are familiar with the product and style required.

The choice of texture is of course entirely up to you, a coarser texture will hide a slightly rougher substrate, whilst a smooth texture may show the variations in the underlying substrate. We use many different techniques to get your desired finish, including: trowel, brush, roller, and spray gun. You can opt for a sand finish, smooth or any other texture for your walls.

Our highly talented and experienced team members are always working to create a new look to your dream property through our creativity in design, patterns, and finishes as per your requirements. This expertise and dedication has made Finishing Touch Rendering one of Epping’s premium texture coating contractors who are known for our amazing finishes. Get in touch with our experts at Finishing Touch Rendering if you're unsure about your desired finish, we'll be happy to advise.

How To Choose The Best Rendering Company In Epping?

Selecting a skilled and highly qualified rendering business will increase the chances of a superior quality of rendering for your residential or commercial rendering Epping project. To determine if the rendering company Epping is suited to the project, research their past customer reviews to see if previous customers have had consistently positive experiences in terms of quality of workmanship and level of customer service.

Also take a look at the photos of past work to see if the render is applied skillfully and the business has experience completing jobs similar to your own. Find out the number of years the business has been in the rendering industry, as this indicates that the business is doing well and there is positive word-of mouth in the local area if they have been operating for a long time.

Why Choose Finishing Touch Rendering For Your Rendering Epping Solution?

At Finishing Touch Rendering we have often been referred to as the best in Epping at what we do. Our main objective of providing quality rendering services is to satisfy your needs by developing and generating highly creative, aesthetically pleasing textural solutions to your dream construction whether it’s residential or commercial.

Our techniques and experience in delivering quality cement rendering and acrylic rendering services has been appreciated by our clients all over Sydney for over 15 years.

Our experts can manage any kind of design while allowing you the freedom to suggest your own. A dedicated team is behind the success of Finishing Touch Rendering and each of its members are passionate about designing the unique and beautiful look and finish that your home or business requires.

All the render products we use are backed by company warranties to ensure the best quality and hassle free rendering, joined together with state of the art techniques we strive to give the walls a long lasting and quality textured finish always at competitive prices.

We know how to turn tired-looking exteriors and interiors into eye-catching and remarkable structures. Thanks to our training, knowledge and extensive hands-on experience applying superior rendering services, we stand out as the leading rendering Epping professionals.

Qualities Of Our Team

  • Professional and highly qualified
  • Reliable and committed
  • Experienced and knowledgeable
  • Attentive to your needs
  • Licensed, certified and insured
  • Passionate about our work

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